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Clarification Announcement🧐   

Clarification Announcement🧐
Clarification Announcement🧐

Recently we found any Homgeek activies are shared and used by some non-official persons for any commercial incentives.
🍓Please note that any rewarding news regarding Homgeek offical activities like Homgeek March's competition will be released and announced through our Homgeek official channels and reach out to you for the final confirmation via our official email
🍓Homgeek won't be responsible for any loss of ...non-official Homgeek activities.
🍓Those who lied to be a Homgeek worker for any non-official activitis will be reported to Facebook Official and also will be added to Homgeek Blacklist.
😡👇SCAMMER Example>> See More

Published Date:4/1/2021 2:58:16 AM    From:Facebook   

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